Georgia Tech Alumni - Former Student Athlete


In May of 2011, I conquered the world. I graduated from Georgia Tech, which for me signified there wasn't anything that I couldn't do. The rigorous academic curriculum would have me up studying for hours on end, but I studied anyway. Some days, I would be mentally exhausted and physically fatigued before going to football practice, but I went anyway. The pressure to get work experience to increase my chances for job opportunities post-graduation was overwhelming, but I worked anyway. I thought about quitting over 1,000 times, but I didn't. Each time I told myself...

Do It Anyway

My experience at Georgia Tech taught me lessons that I would come to value, and appreciate over time. Lessons such as faith, resilience, failure, and perseverance. Tech molded me into the person I have become today. There is no substitute for experience, some things you just have to live to learn.